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Sunday, October 24, 2010

My little cupcake's FIRST birthday party!

I had so much fun planning for Bella's first birthday. I wanted to do something creative and fun, but most importantly kid oriented. Of course, to Bella it wouldn't make a difference whether all of the decorations matched or not, but to me it mattered. I spent so much time planning her birthday, hoping to make it a special day for Bella. I learned how to shop on ebay, and I'm convinced that I saved a ton of money. Bargain shopping at its finest! I was able to do a cupcake theme, and in my opinion, everything looked great. I dressed Bella in the cutest tutu, which she didn't mind at all! I love that kid, she'll let me put anything on her; maybe because she can't talk? I like to believe it's just because she loves my style! :) I have to admit, I was very nervous the day before. I had no idea was a hostess does! Tita said to just make sure everyone ate.. Okay, no problem, just direct them towards the tacos, right? The tacos were a good idea, no cooking; and cleaning up was a breeze! SCORE! I was worried that my munchkin would not be very fond of the idea of being around so many people, boy was I wrong. My social butterfly looked like a natural around so many people.. total diva.
I loved that our friends and family were all together. All the people that love Bella were under the same roof, it truly was a blessing. I can't begin to thank God enough for all of these wonderful people. He knew what he was doing when he sent Bella to me. He knew that she would have a wonderful set of people to love her unconditionally. When they see Bella, they do not see a child with a disability or delays, they see Isabella: the amazing almost one year old, that loves being the center of attention. This little girl has single handedly changed each and every one of our lives. She has shown us what a miracle looks like with each smile and every giggle. Who would have thought, months ago, that this little person would have the ability to capture your heart with just one look in your eyes? Yes, God definitely knew what he was doing. She is lucky to have such wonderful family and friends, but most importantly, WE are lucky to have such a beautiful angel in our lives.
Here is Isabella the night before her birthday party.. Did I mention it was around 1 am? Yes, she's a party animal.. Just wonderful -.-

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